Education Management Information System

Education Management Information System, or EMIS, is an integrated human and computer based process for providing all the information needed to support the activities of Education Department including management, planning and decision making. Description

The importance of EMIS has been acknowledged by Government, so that Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan established National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) in July 1991 in collaboration with UNDP/UNESCO. This project was centralized at national level till December 1993 and all the activities of Sindh were controlled by NEMIS office, Karachi. NEMIS has faced various problems at beginning, but after the establishment, it had achieved its targets.

Establishment of Sindh – EMIS:

The project of NEMIS was ended in December 1993. Education Department, Government of Sindh felt the importance and need of EMIS therefore, Government of Sindh took over this project in January 1994 in collaboration with the World Bank. The National EMIS was renamed as Sindh EMIS. The Sindh EMIS Cells were established in all district of Sindh Province and these Cells are functioning well. SEMIS is a main stream and backbone of education department. However, it is required to strengthen SEMIS for facing the challenges of future requirements. The World Bank assistance for functioning of SEMIS was ended in June 1996. The SEMIS was regularized and transferred from development to Non development in June 1996 under Education Department Control.

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