• Maintenance of Record of Rights (ownership) relating to the properties of private persons and different Government and Non-Government Departments / Organizations / Agencies.
  • Collection of agricultural data and statistics relating to ownerships and agricultural output.
  • Partial, assessment and recovery of various Jamabandi and Non-Jamabandi items, taxes, cesses etc. under Land Revenue Act, 1967.
  • Trial of various cases under Revenue Laws.
  • Trial of cases specially under prevention laws, minor acts as Special Judicial Magistrate.
  • Issuance of Domicile / PRC etc.
  • Preparation of emergency and disaster plan and implementation of such plans during emergency and unforeseen disasters like flood, fire, epidemics, earth quick accident.
  • Miscellaneous assignment given by Government like holding elections, census and moves against the wide spread diseases like Polio etc.
  • Managing the programmes of VIP movements and arranging their protocol during the national and seasonal celebrations.
  • Managing fares and Melas.
  • Allotment of land to the landless haris as per land grand policies of the Government in vogue.
  • Regularization of villages and issuance of sanad to the shelter-less.
  • Issuance of pass book to the land holders to facilitated them for obtaining loans from various schedule banks for the improvements of growers.
  • Initiating land acquisition proceedings for the requirements of land to Government for public purposes.
  • Dealing with court cases, NAB, Ombudsman & Miscellaneous issue.
  • Checking of prices of essential commodities, fertilizer and pesticides in capacity as Special Judicial Magistrates.
  • Implementation of Ehteram-e-Ramzan Ordinance.
  • Preparation of Budget for Revenue Department.
  • Implementation of NPIW program.
  • Any other assignment given by the Government.

 Telephone Numbers of Offices


Telephone No.

Additional Deputy Commissioner  ADC-1


Additional Deputy Commissioner  ADC-2


Assistant Commissioner Matiari


Assistant Commissioner Hala


Assistant Commissioner Saeedabad


Mukhtiarkar (L.R) Taluka Matiari


Mukhtiarkar (L.R) Taluka Hala


Mukhtiarkar (L.R) Taluka Saeedabad


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