Local Support Unit (L.S.U)

The Education Department, Government of Sindh expects to receive financing from the World Bank’s Second Sindh Education Sector Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds for the hiring of 25 Heads/Consultants of Local Support Units to be placed at district headquarters across Sindh province. The appointments will be made purely on temporary basis. A contract of one year will be signed with successful candidates, renewable on performance for a period of three years only.

The LSU Heads/Consultants are required to undertake following tasks:


  • LSU Heads/Consultants will be responsible to act as RSU’s regional/district officer ensuring desired contextual collection of Information, facilitation, coordination, monitoring. Implementation and reporting etc. regarding RSU`s subprograms including over allied activities within the particular region/district as per guidance/ instructions of the concerned quarters of RSU/E&LD through proper channels. The LSU Head/consultant will work together with a government appointed LSU focal person.


  • The LSU Heads/Consultants will make LSU proactive liaison and effective coordination point among regional/district administration,Education Directorate District Offices and RSU/E&LD. LSU Heads/Consultants through LSU will collect, Verify, update and furnish data/information related with the Subprograms and allied activities to RSU under desired/guided procedure and means communicated from RSU.
  • The LSU heads/Consultants will ensure reporting/furnishing of desired information to RSU on periodic as well as whenever directed by the RSU.
  • The LSU Heads/Consultants will ensure to disseminate and communicate contextual information/initiatives to the regional / district level stakeholders including approved 3rd parties to keep them updated and getting desired response.
  • The LSU Heads/Consultants will ensure to take the regional / district administration and offices on board in the context of subprogram and allied activities of RSU from designing, inception and even post completion phases under the guidance/direction of RSU.
  • The LSU Heads/Consultants will make LSU act as the Secretariat “Regional Oversight Committees (RoCs)” and act as a convener/ secretary, the LSU Heads/Consultants will be responsible to ensure periodic meetings of RoC. to be updated on the overall goings-on of the subprograms and allied activities with the redressal of contextual complaints / queries / problems / issues and bottlenecks in coordination with RSU.
  • The LSU Head / Consultant will support the District Education Office as and when required in effective implementation of SERP reforms by the District office.

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