Inauguration of College Magazine 2013

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On September 23rd inauguration  ceremony of Government Boys Degree College’s Magazine was arranged at Auditorium hall of Government Boys Degree College Matiari.

Director Colleges Hyderabad Region Prof.Shakeel Ahmed Siddiqi was the Chief Guest and the Deputy Commissioner Matiari District Fayaz Hussain Abbasi was the honorary Guest of the event.

The Additional Director Colleges (Human Resources) Mr.Abdul Majeed Umrani,the Ex-Principals of Government Boys Degree College Matiari, Mr.Abdul Ghafoor Soomro,Mr.Abdul Razzaq Shah,Mr.Muzafar Ali Shah and Mr.Ahmed the Principal S.I.Government Degree College Hala were also invited as honorary guests.

The Faculty members,Ministerial Staff and Students participated in this event.Prof.Hafiz Basheer Ahmed Memon and Prof.Mohsin Raza did the comparing of the event.The event started with the recitation of some verses from Holy Quran,then HAMD and then NAAT.

After that Ajraks were presented to the Chief Guest and Honorary Guests.Then Prof.Hidayatullah Jamali the Principal of the College presented the welcome speech and told about the problems of college, specially lake of gutter water and the offices of different district departments established in college premises.

After that, the inauguration of the College magazine was conducted and the shields were distributed among the students who won titles in intercollegiate tournaments and among the guests.Then Deputy commisioner Matiari presented his speech and finally after the speech of Chief Guest Prof.Shakeel Ahmed Siddiqi the event came to its end.

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One thought on “Inauguration of College Magazine 2013

  1. Its feels good to see such type of activities. i congratulate all the organizers for publishing this magazines and hope to carry on these curricular & extra-curricular activities in future. i am the alumni of this college in 1986-1988.Now i am lecturer in Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences Jamshoro.
    Wish u all best.

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