Clothes Distribution Among Rain Affected Children at Taluka Saeedabad (06-11-2011)

On Advise of My Friend Respected Naveed Ahmed Shaikh and Madam Dr.Shireen Narejo Sahiba, I collected more than 200 Children Suits from the house of Mr.Aashif Iqbal at Hyderabad on 06-11-2011 morning.
With the help of Mr.Muhammad Bux Kaka SPE Saeedabad, I distributed all these clothes among the children of rain affected people living at,

  1. G.M.S Urdu (Saeedabad)
  2. GBPS Pir Jhando (Saeedabad)
  3. GBPS Bhaledino Kaka ( Village Bhaledino Kaka U C  Bhaledino Kaka Taluka Saeedabad)
  4. GBPS Pahar Kaka ( Village Pahar Kaka U C Bhaledino Kaka Taluka Saeedabad)
  5. Government College Saeedabad

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