Literacy Centres for Women

District Matiari was established in 2005.The share in Old Hyderabad’s ESR budget (2001-02) was released to the District Education Department Matiari in September 2006.Due unavailability of District Officer Education (Literacy), Sayed Badar ul Zaman Shah, District Officer Education (Academic & Training) Matiari was assigned to establish Literacy centres in district Matiari.

In this regard, he visited 81 low literacy rate villages conducted the meetings with community and on need base established, 14 Adult Literacy centres (within the limit of Budget allotted) for Females on 14 different locations.Each centre contained the cluster of 25 females of age 12 plus.

14 literacy Teachers were selected from those villages and a training program “How to Teach Adults” was conducted for those teachers at District Head Quater Matiari.

Other staffs were selected and these Female Literacy Centres started the work.

14 Lteracy Centres for Women were established in following villages.

  1. Sekhat (Location: GGPS Sekhat, UC Sekhat Taluka Matiari)
  2. Buhreyoon(Location: GGPS Buhreyoon, UC Oderolal Village Taluka Matiari)
  3. Nasarpur (Location: GBPS Memon Mohalla Nasarpur, UC Nasarpur Taluka Matiari)
  4. Sher Muhammad Thorha (Location: Model Community GGPS Sher Muhammad Thorha UC Faqeer Nooh Hothyani Taluka Matiari)
  5. Tajpur (Location: GGPS Tajpur UC Tajpur Taluka Matiari)
  6. Oderolal Station (Location: GGPS Oderolal Station UC Oderolal Station Taluka Matiari)
  7. Railway Colony Hala New (Location: Home of selected Literacy Teacher UC Hala-1 Taluka Hala)
  8. Hala Old (Location: GGPS Hala OLd UC hala Old Taluka Hala)
  9. Malook Dahri (Location: GGPPS Malook Dahri UC Hala-2 Taluka Hala)
  10. Bhanoth (Location: GGPS Bhanoth UC Bhanoth Taluka Hala)
  11. Saeedabad (Location: GGPS Saeedabad UC Saeedabad Taluka Saeedabad)
  12. Awal Chacher (Location: GGPS Awal Chacher UC Zair Pir Taluka Saeedabad)
  13. Bakher Jamali (Location: Home of Selected Literacy Teacher UC Bhaledino Kaka Taluka Saeedabad)
  14. Ghulam Ali Jamali (Location: GGPS Ghulam Ali Jamali UC Shahmir Rahu Taluka Saeedabad)

During six months,EDO(Education),DOE(Academic & Training),DDOE(A&T) and concern ADOEE visited these centres several times,

  • To monitor the activities of these centres
  • To pay the salaries to Teachers and other staff
  • To evaluate the students
  • To deliver the books, note books, stationary and other material


After six months, a verbal and written examination for these students was conducted, in which,

  • They were asked for reading the lessons from the book and cross questions were asked by them.
  • Simple mathematic questions were asked by them verbally.
  • They were asked for reading the paragraphs from news papers.
  • Simple arithmetic problems were given to them in writing.
  • Simple topics related to common life were given to them for writing the essay.


  • In 14 female centres, 350 female students have become literate in six months, which will have positive effect on 350 families and their children.
  • 14 Lady Teachers got employment along with other staff at centres for the period of six months
  • These all 350 female students can read books, newspapers in Sindhi and can read and calculate prices on different utility goods.
  • They can write simple paragraphs in Sindhi, can read & write English alphabet along with speaking of simple English words and sentences.
  • They can do simple calculation just as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Beside this now they can stitch simple cloths and read Holy Quran also.

Budget Utilization

The released amount from ESR Budget was Rs.498, 500/-.

The expenses on these 14 Adult Literacy centres were Rs.497, 600/-,

Therefore unused budget is Rs.900/-only.

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