Friends Organization

1. Information About  Friends Organization, Matiari, Sindh, Pk  

Name of Organization Friends Human Development & Welfare Organization
Acronym Friends Organization
Registered Under Social Welfare Department, Matiari, Sindh, Pakistan
Registration Act Registration & Control Ordinance 1961 (XLVI of 1961)
Registration Number DO/SW/CDD/M/VA/17/2009
Date of Registration 7th May, 2009

2. Information About Contact Persons

Name Mr. Yasir Qamar Memon
Designation Executive Director
Contact Number (+92) 300-3075138
Emailing Address

3. Head Office Contact Information

Address Friends Organization Office Flat #1, Anwar Shah Building, near ABL-Bank, Matiari.
Contact Number (92) 22 3035785
Email Address

4. Human Resource

Governing Body 15    ( 6- Female  &  9-Male )
Paid Staff 10    ( 4-Female  & 6 Male )

5. Bank Details    /   Financial Donations

Allied Bank Limited Title = Friends Human Development Welfare OrganizationAcct #                —          1896-2Branch Code     —           0140462Swift Code         —          ABPAPKKATKC


Friends  has been operational since 2007 and registered in 2009, The Driving force that made it all possible was energetic  and committed young Female and Male social activists of District Matiari who have initiated the organization as platform to  contributing their time, skills and energies for the development and empowerment of marginalized communities in Sindh,  Friends is envision to promote Health, Education, and to improve the socio-economic status of the poor and neglected segments of society specifically women of rural communities and youth who are neglected and excluded form the planning, development and social transformation processes. The Idea of establishing Friends is a result of long consultative process and solicitous thought given to famishing human development conditions, which reflect the comparative status of sustainable economic development and leave an adverse impact on over all progressive status of the masses. Several visits to rural communities postured a dismal picture, main cause being the poverty and backwardness.  There was sense of deprivation in these communities, as they were living dehumanizing conditions. The wanted a respectable living standard, with every facility at their door steps

7.Nature of Organization

Friends Organization is a non-government organization (NGO). It’s a not-for-profit, non-sectarian organization working for social development & empowerment, democracy and peace & human rights. It’s a human-centered NGO and strongly believes in capabilities of people provided that required opportunities & spaces are created through which people could utilize their potentials to the fullest for their own development and empowerment.


An Educated, Healthy, Socially & economically empowered Society having absolute knowledge about Human Rights.


To bring about a positive change in society by  help establish new or strengthen existing Community based organization (s) which enable equitable participation of all members of the community, specially girls,  women and youth in activities that promote better Education, Health, Human Rights, women and Youth empowerment according to culture, custom and current needs of the society.

10.Broad Objectives

Following are three board objectives of FRIENDS:

  • Contribute in the Creation of Democratic,  Peaceful and Empowered Civil Society
  • Contribute in the Development & Empowerment of Marginalized & Vulnerable Groups of  Women, Youth &  Children
  • Contribute in the Promotion of Education, Health, Community Development and Protection of Environment.


  • To Empower Rural Women through their participation in development process and income generation activities.
  • To Organize / Mobilize Rural & Semi Urban Communities for their Socio Economic Development.
  • To improve Health Status of rural communities especially women through providing primary health facilities, Mother and Child health care facilities at their doorstep.
  • To Increase literacy rate through formal and informal education in the rural areas specially girls and adult women,
  • To establish Skills Development Institution for Youth specially female / women
  • To Enhance equal distribution of human rights, promote and protect and advocate Human Rights, Women Rights at the national level through education, advocacy campaigning, training and research on Human rights issues.

12.Focus Groups

FRIENDS Organization is established to primarily focus on women, youth and children.  Keeping in view the overall socio-cultural fabric of the society and the overall power imbalances and discriminations that exist at all levels; the focus, amongst these groups, is again on most vulnerable and the marginalized ones.

Following are the details of Organization’s  focus groups: 

  • Vulnerable & Marginalized Groups of Women
  • Vulnerable & Marginalized Groups of Adolescents & Youth
  • Vulnerable & Marginalized Groups of Children

13.Geographic Area

The Organization’s overall geographic focus and priority is currently the Matiari, Sindh, Pakistan. However, depending on the possibility, need and resources, the Organization may engage in other provinces of the country as well

14.Articles of Association

Please contact FRIENDS Organization if you need copy of Articles of Association / Bylaws.


FRIENDS Organization is governed by its Executive Board Members. The Board is the key policy making and governance body of the Organization and works independently. It formulates and approves policies and organizational systems and evaluates the overall performance of FRIENDS Organization on period basis. The Executive Board consists of Fifteen members (both male and female) and is headed by its Chairperson.  The Organization’s Executive Board comprises of development professionals, Youth, intellectuals, academicians, activists and media persons.

16. Anti-Discrimination Policy

Does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, age, physical appearance, language or educational background

17. Project Under Operation

1. Youth Skill Development Program in Matiari, Sindh, Pakistan

Name of Project Youth Skill Development Program
Supported By FRIENDS Members and Philanthropist
Duration Started from 01 January 2007 &  Sustainable for long time
Implemented By Friends Organization
  1. To provide quality education only for poor girls.
  1. 40% off from other language centers.
  1. Organizing different types of events like quizzes programs, speeches, group discussions and presentation to enhance their spoken skills and talent.
  1. To ensure their participation in large gatherings for speech, presentation and group discussions in district.

2. Free Medical Camps

Name of Project Free Medical Camps to Flood Affected Communities
Supported By Medical Support of Pharmacy Companies and Local Philanthropist, Matiari Sugar Mills Limited.
Duration 50
Implemented By FRIENDS Organization
  1. Provide free medical check up of 4522 particularly women patients at Free Medical Camps.
  2. Supported them with medicines free of cost during their check up.
  3. We referred serious cases of Skin Diseases, Lungs, and Heart to Civil Hospital Matiari, Hyderabad and Karachi.

3.Integrated Education Learning Program (IELP)

Name of Project Integrated Education Learning Program
Supported By Sindh Education Foundation
Duration 1st March 2011 to June 2012
Implemented By FRIENDS Organization
    Objectives     Integrated Education Learning Program (IELP) Quality of education is the key ingredient for the sustainable development of the nation, unfortunately our country mainly confronted with the issue to of quality education for producing quality human resource FRIENDS Organization launched the project entitled “Integrated Education Learning Program (IELP)” in collaboration with Sindh Education Foundation in March 2011 made commitment to impart quality of education for marginalized girls in District Matiari.  Under this coordination FRIENDS Organization has established 02 Friends Public School for extreme remote areas with participation of community. The main goal underlying objectives of this program and initiative include universal access to primary education by increasing the net enrollment and higher rate of survival of children till grade 5, increase in the adult literacy rate and to attain gender equality at all levels. FRIENDS Organization Integrated Education Learning Program (IELP) FRIENDS Organization established 02 two IELP Schools in village Mir Khan Khokhar and Village Hussain Bhambhro District Matiari Sindh, Sindh Education Foundation SEF supported for this program .

4.Need-Base assessment Survey for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Name of Project

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Supported By Self Initiative
Duration 02 Months
Implemented By FRIENDS Organization
    Objectives    Facilities:

  1. Are there any existing facilities? If so are they used, are they sufficient and are they operating successfully? can they be extended or adapted?  Do all groups have equitable access to these facilities? (Minimum Standard – toilets no more than 50m from dwellings or no more than 1 minutes work).
  2. Do vulnerable groups like elderly, disabled, women, children have easy access to the facilities?
  1. Are the current defecation practices a threat to health?
  1. What is the current level of awareness of public health risks?  Are their hand washing facilities?
  2. Is there sufficient space for defecation fields, pit latrines etc?


  1. What are the current beliefs and traditions concerning excreta disposal especially regarding women’s habits and attitude towards child excreta? What material/water is used for anal cleansing? Is it available?
  1. Are both men and women prepared to use defecation fields, communal latrines or family latrines?
  2. Are there any people familiar with the construction of latrines?
  3. How do women deal with menstruation? Are there materials or facilities they need for this?

Technical Aspects:

  1. How does the land slope and what are the drainage patterns?
  2. What is the depth and permeability of the soil, and can it be dug easily by hand
  3. What is the level of the groundwater table? (Minimum Standard – bottom of any latrine pit is > 1.5m above water table).
  4. What local materials are available for constructing toilets?
  5. When does the seasonal rainfall occur?
  6. Is solid waste a problem?
Solid waste disposal
  1. How do people dispose of their waste?
  1. What type and quantity of solid waste is produced?

18. Executive Board Members





Mr.Yasir Qamar


Ms. Rizwana


Ms. Tanzeela

General Secretary

Mr. Anees (Muhammad)

Joint Secretary

Mr. Altaf Hussain


Mr. Feroz Memon


Mr. Irfan Alvi


Mr. Aziz Baloch


Mr. Nusrat


Mr. Ali Nawaz


Ms. Shama Al;i


Mr. Abdul Basit


Ms. Saran


Ms. Shahzana


Ms. Sania


19. Organization Resource

S. No



1 Desktop Computers 07
2 Office Table (Large) 02
3 Office Chairs (Revolving) 05
4 Office Chairs (Normal) 17
5 Printers 02
6 Digital Cameras 01
7 File Rack 01
8 Almari-Shelf 01
9 Fans-Ceiling 02
10 Telephone Set 01
11 Wall Clock 02
12 Notice Board 01

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