Enrolment Enhancement Drive 2011-12 Official Meetings

Enrolment Enhancemen Drive meeting on 2-4-2011

A meeting for Enrolment Enhancement Drive was conducted under the Chair of  Mr.Ghulam Nabi Buledi EDO (Education) District Matiari at Professional Development Center Matiari on 2nd April 2011.

The Agenda of meeting was,

  1. Recitation of Verses from Holy Quran
  2. Introduction of Participants
  3. Welcome by DOE (SEMIS‌& Planning)
  4. Address of EDO (Education)
  5. Presentation on Situation Analysis by DOE (SEMIS‌& Planning)
  6. Stipend Signature Forms
  7. Taluka Dispatch Forms
  8. S M C Funds Remaining Schools
  9. Local Examination Progress
  10. Discussion on Improvement in Monitoring System
  11. Discussion on Enrolment Enhancement Plan
  12. Any Object with Permission of Chair
  13. Vote of Thanks by EDO (Education)

The following Officers Attended the meeting

  1. Mr.Ghulam Nabi Buledi            EDO Education Matiari
  2. Sayed Badar ul Zaman Shah    DOE SEMIS & Planning Matiari
  3. Ms.Tauheed Pathan                     DOE Sec. & H. Sec
  4. Ms.Saeeda Panwher                    DOE Academic & Training
  5. Mr.Rasheed Ahmed Memon    DDOE Elementary
  6. Muhammad Siddiq Shahani    ADOE Male Matiari
  7. Mahru Nisa Qureshi                    ADOE Female Matiari
  8. Haji Noor Ahmed Memon        ADOE Male Hala
  9. Malika Naz Solangi                     ADOE Female Hala
  10. Zahida Gahoti                               ADOE Female Saeedabad
  11. Rahmatullah Rind                       DDOE SEMIS & Planning Matiari
  12. Muneer Ahmed  Lakho              DDOE Elementary
  13. Farooq Ahmed Mallah               DDOE Sec. & H. Sec

The meeting was followed according to agenda, Enrolment Enhancement Drive Plan (http://www.badarzaman.com/sbzs/enrolment-campaign-plan-for-academic-year-2011-12) was shared with the participants and alll the DOEs and ADOEs were advised to confirm the schedule of all the activities regarding Enrolment Enhancement Drive up to 7-4-2011.Beside these activities Sayed Badar ul Zaman Shah DOE SEMIS & Planning Matiari  suggested that,there should be KACHAHREE Programs with community in evening time, as he arranged when he was DOE (Academic & Training),so minimum 40 programs should be arranged up to 31st May 2011,means averagely 2 programs in each U.C


Meeting for Enrolment Enhancement Drive on 7-4-2011

Meeting for Enrolment  Enhancement Drive was conducted under the Chair of Mr.Ghulam Nabi Buledi EDO (Education) District Matiari at Professional Development Center Matiari on 7th April 2011.

The following participants attended the meeting.


Mr.Ghulam Nabi Buledi EDO(Education)


Sayed Badar ul Zaman Shah DOE (SEMIS & Planning)


Ms.Tauheed Pathan DOE (Sec. & H.Sec)


Ms.Saeeda Panwher DOE (Acd/Trg)


Mr.Qamardin Pirzada DOE (Elementary)


Mr. Agha Zulifqar Durrani G M N C H D


Mr.Shafiq u Rahman Khatri DPM (E) N C H D


Mrs. Abida Jawaid Representative H A N D S


Muhammad Siddiq Shahani ADOEE (M)


Mahru Nisa Qureshi ADOEE (F)


Haji Noor Ahmed Memon ADOEE (M)


Malika Naz Solangi ADOEE (F)


Muhammad Murad Gahoti ADOEE (M)


Zahida Gahoti ADOEE (F)


Rahmatullah Rind DDOE (SEMIS & Planning)


Rasheed Ahmed Memon DDOE (Elementary)


Muhammad Azam SPEE Matiari


Vikio Chand SPEE Matiari


Ali Muhammad Panhwer SPEE Matiari


Ayaz Shah SPEE Matiari


Muhammad Anwer Khidri SPEE Matiari


Manzoor Ali Nooh Poto SPEE Matiari


Abdul Majeed Nooh Poto SPEE Matiari


Ghulam Ali Khatyan SPEE Matiari


Fozia Khaskeli SPEE Matiari


Iqbal Ahmed Malah SPEE Hala


Khair Muhammad Dahri SPEE Hala


Khalid Hussain Gahoti SPEE Hala


Shah Nawaz Shah SPEE Hala


Irfan Memon SPEE Hala


Husna Memon SPEE Hala


Seema Memon SPEE Hala


Fahmida Abro SPEE Hala


Muhammad Bux Kaka SPEE Saeedabad


Shazia Chang SPEE Saeedabad


Liaqat Soomro EMISO N C H D


Majid Ali Shah M C N C H D


Dr. Abdul Karim M C N C H D


Faisal Aman Khero M C N C H D


Rashid Zafar Abro M C N C H D


Abdul Razzaq M C N C H D


Sarfraz Ali Qureshi M C N C H D


Sajjad Ali Mallah M C N C H D


Khalid Hussain Zardari M C N C H D


Amjad Lutuf Ali Memon M C N C H D


Ali Akber Mangrio M C N C H D


The meeting was started at 11.00 A.M with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran.

  • Sayed Badar ul Zaman Shah District Officer Education (SEMIS & Planning) said welcome to all the participants and requested Mr.Ghulam Nabi Buledi EDO (Education) District Matiari to say some words about the importance ofEnrolment Enhancement Drive.
  • Mr.Ghulam Nabi Buledi briefed the house about importance of Enrolment Enhancement Drive and told the house that,our honourable secretary Education & Literacy Department Madam Sayeda Naheed Shah Durrani Sahiba is very intelligent, wise and   dynamic person, she is taking extreme interest in improving the quality of education in our province Sindh.She is taking  revolutionary steps for the betterment of Education, Teachers and Educational Institutions in Sindh.She has given us this task to enrol all out of school children in to our schools and its our duty to accomplish this task in better way, we all should take it very serious as our personal task.
  • Agha Zulifqar General Manager N C H D Matiari said that, N C H D will fully cooperate to District Education Department and will support technically and physically in all  the activities of Enrolment Enhancement Drive.
  • Mr. Shafiq u Rahman Khatri told the house that, all the staff of N C H D District Matiari is ready to support the District Education Department Matiari and they will not only support physically and technically, but they will provide their vehicles for door to door campaign and Kachahree Programs (BBCM).He further told that banners, pamphlets and posters are dispatched from Karachi and will arrive within two days.
  • Mrs.Abida Jawaid representative of HANDS said that, HANDS will facilitate District Education Department Matiari in this campaign and will also provide some banners in this regard.
  • Sayed Badar ul Zaman Shah District Officer Education (SEMIS & Planning) asked all the DOEs and ADOEs to finalize the dates of Rallies and Seminars and requested them to invite all notable personalities, educationists, journalists and SMC members in these programs.
  • It was decided that, the first phase (Rallies,Seminars,FM Radio Campaign, Cable TV Campaign, U C wise Meetings with Head Teachers, distribution of Enrolment collection forms) of this EED will be completed up to 30th April, then a meeting will be      conducted to continue this program in May (Kachahrees (BBCM),Mobile Van Announcement and Collection of Enrolment Data Forms)
  • The Schedule of activities was finalized as follows,


City / Town






Saeedabad GBPS (Main) to Press Club 12-4-2011 9.00 A.M DOE (Acd/Trg), ADOE (M/F) Saeedabad
Bakher Jamali GBPS to Main Road 13-4-2011 9.00 A.M DOE (Acd/Trg), ADOE (M/F) Saeedabad
Matiari GBPS (Main)to Press Club 15-4-2011 9.00 A.M DOE (Elementary), ADOE (M/F) Matiari
Hala MG GBHS Hala to Press Club 15-4-2011 9.00 A.M DOE (Sec./H.Sec), ADOE (M/F)
Nasarpur Matiari Bus Stand to Tando Allahyar Bus Stand 16-4-2011 9.00 A.M DOE (Elementary), ADOE (M/F) Matiari
Bhitshah Allah wala Chowk to Tanboora Chowk 16-4-2011 9.00 A.M DOE (Sec./H.Sec), ADOE (M/F) Hala


Matiari Govt: Girls College Matiari 23-4-2011 10.00 A.M DOE (Elementary) ADOE (M/F) Matiari
Hala Makhdoom Shafiq Zaman Auditorium Hala 25-4-2011 10.00 A.M DOE (Sec./H.Sec) ADOE (M/F) Hala
Saeedabad GBPS Main Saeedabad 30-4-2011 10.00 A.M DOE (Acd/Trg), ADOE (M/F) Saeedabad

At the end Sayed Badar ul Zaman Shah District Officer Education (SEMIS &Planning) said thanks to all the participants and requested them to work for this noble cause with the spirit as they have for personal matters.


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