Dresses Distribution among Rain Affected People at Hala & Saeedabad

On Advise of My Friend Respected Naveed Ahmed Shaikh, I collected more than 100 Ladies & Children Suits from the house of Respected Madam Dr. Shireen Narejo Sahiba at Hyderabad on 07-10-2011 evening.

With the help of Mr.Abdullah Dahri SPE Hala and Mr.Muhammad Bux Kaka SPE Saeedabad, I distributed all these dresses among needy rain affected people living at,

  1. G.M.S & GGPS Sandhan (Village Mahmood Dahri U C Hala II Taluka Hala)
  2. GBPS Awal Chhachher ( Village Awal Chhachher U C Zair Pir Taluka Saeedabad)
  3. GBPS Panjmoro (Village Panjmoro U C Shahmir Rahu Taluka Saeedabad)
  4. GBPS Seerachoon Kaka ( Village Seerachoon Kaka U C Bhaledino Kaka Taluka Saeedabad)

The condition of these people is not good; there is need of more than 100 Gents Suits for these people also. Beside this Government is taking out these people from the Schools without any support, these people are Cultivators, but as the agricultural land of this area is still under water, so they have become helpless. They need money,shelter and ration.

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