Continuous Improvement & Bench Marking (Project)

This project was started by NIPA(Now NIM)with the funding of Asian Development Bank.Due to deep interest of Dr.Muhammad Usman Chachar the DCO Matiari,the District Matiari was chosen as pilot district. The aim of this project was to find out the gaps due to which quality education is not achieved and a model education system had to be taken as benchmark. From Asian Development Bank, Mr. Jewel Magnath,from District Matiari, I and Mr.Jameel Abro of the NGO (SPO) were selected to work on this project and from NIPA Miss Rifat Shaikh and Miss Benish Choona wala were the consultants. We worked at District Matiari,Karachi and Lahore.We set Agha Khan Education System as Benchmark and discovered the flaws in our education system and framed recommendations and strategy for continuous improvement.

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