Advocacy Seminar on 19-4-2011 for Enrolment Enhancement Drive 2011-12

An Advocacy meeting for Enrolment Enhancement was arranged by S.P.O and SHEEDO at Rest House Bhitshah on 19th April 2011.

The meeting was started at 11.00 A.M with the recitation of Verses from Holy Quran.In this meeting from Education Department Sayed Badar ul Zaman Shah District Officer Education (SEMIS & Planning) Matiari,Madam Mahr u Nisa Qureshi ADOE (F) Matiari,Ms.Fozia Khaskheli SPE Matiari participated. DO Social Welfare,Mr.Abdul Wahid Sangrasi Program Specialist SPO-Hyderabad and Mr.Jameel Ahmed Abro with their team from SPO,Mr.Rahmatullah Balal with his team from SRDS,Mr.Asif Ali Khaskheli with his team from SHEEDO,representatives of teachers union ,other NGOs and members of Monitoring Teams participated in this meeting.Mr.Jameel Ahmed Abro said welcome to all the participants and
requested them to introduce theirselves.Mr.Abdul Wahid Sangrasi brifed the participants about the agenda of meeting and told that S.P.O is working together with the District Education Department Matiari for the betterment of Education,
specially on monitoring system.He said today we have are here to evaluate the performance of District Monitoring Committees and discuss on Enrolment Enhancement Drive.
Mr.Jameel Ahmed Abro requested Union Council Monitoring Committees to present their reports.Mr.Noor Ahmed Memon Chairman Union Council Monitoring Committee for U C Hala-I, told that, when they visit the
schools, the school authorities and teachers ask for the notification under which these committees are established. He also told that, when they visit the schools and villages for enrolment Enhancement, the villagers demand that
Government should provide stationary and notebooks for the students and stipend for the Girl students of primary schools also. He further said NGOs also should help in this regard, because people are very poor so they can not afford the
expenses of stationary and note books. He said that, he is very much satisfied by the education quality in U C Hala-I,He said GBPS OC Market Town is running in a Masjid and now Masjid administration is not ready to continue it at there, so
this school may kindly merged in nearest school. Sayed Badar ul Zaman Shah District Officer Education (SEMIS & Planning) replied him that, on the directions of our Worthy Secretary Education and Literacy Department Madam
Naheed Shah Durrani sahiba, we are working on this issue and your demand will be accomplished very soon.Mr.Rahmatullah Balal from SRDS told that, Head Mistress of Government Middle School URDU Hala is not allowing the Sindhi Girl
Students to get admission in this school, therefore a lot of Sindhi people of this can not continue the education of their girl children, because the distance of Girls High School Hala from this area is near about 1.5 km.So Head Mistress
of Government Middle School URDU Hala should directed to allow Sindhi Girls to get admission in that school and there are 6 class rooms,8 teachers and more than 200 students, but school administration is using only 3 rooms, while 3
rooms are closed, if these rooms are utilized then more students can easily be accommodate there. Sayed Badar ul Zaman Shah District Officer Education (SEMIS & Planning) assured them that, he will talk to ADOE (F) Hala and Head
Mistress of that school and will also visit the school to solve this matter.Mr.Ayaz Hussain Uner Member of Monitoring Committee for U C Zair Pir Takuka Saeedabad said that, in this U C the situation of Girls Schools is very
critical, teachers are taking salaries at their homes and are not coming to school. Sayed Badar ul Zaman Shah District Officer Education (SEMIS & Planning) assured him to solve this matter with the concern of ADOE (F)
Saeedabad.Mr.Jahan Khan member Monitoring Committee for U C Karam Khan Nizamani told that, they are running a school Ghulam Hussain Lighari in ESRA room built in 2007, where only 40 students can be accommodated, now the
enrolment is increased and 112 students which can not sit this one room which is made in an IMAM BARGAH, we the villagers are ready to give the required area for a school to Government and demand the school building at there. He also demanded that in the School GGPS Malook dahri, the roof condition of school is very dangerous, so we demand for its repair.Mr.Mamtaz Ali sahto member Monitoring Committee for U C Karam Khan Nizamani said that in GMS Karam Khan Nizamani the classes up to Matric are running, but there is shortage of teachers, so teachers should be provided there. The roof condition of school is very dangerous, so it should be repaired.Similarly other members and chairmen of Monitoring
Committees expressed their views and ideas.Finally it was concluded that, if we have to enhance the enrolment, we should appoint or post the head teachers on merit basis and train them, that how to manage the things.Mr.Manoj Kumar
(Assistant Professor of English) member of District Monitoring Committee offered his services for teaching the drafting to administrators. At this time teachers think that we are the children of Government and Government have to facilitate
us whether we work or not, so a strict should be establish which can control these teachers.Sayed Badar ul Zaman Shah District Officer Education (SEMIS & Planning) requested all the participants to work together with District
Education Department Matiari, to awake the people of District  and enrol the out of school children in schools. He also invited all the participants to attend and speak in the E E D Seminars on 23rd April at GGC matiari, on 25th April at
Makhdoom Shafeeq Zaman Hall Hala and on 30th April at GBPS Main Sindhi Saeedabad.All the participants showed their interest In EED activities and from SRDS (Sindh Rural Development Society) Mr.Rahmatullah offered their
services for door to door mobile van campaign and BBCM (Kachahree Programs).From SPO and SHEEDO the same services were offered and they offered food services for EED SEMINAR at Matiari also.
Finally Mr.Abdul Wahid Sangrasi said thanks to all the participants and thelunch boxes were served.

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